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Corporate finance deals with the strategic financial issues associated with how management is to increase the value of the firm to its shareholders while observing applicable laws and responsibilities capital management, what investments the firm should make, what portion of profits should be returned to shareholders in the form of dividends, and whether it makes sense to merge with or acquire another firm. We at TALION Capital & Consulting Limited help you maximize shareholder value while managing your firm’s financial

Capital investment decisions are long-term corporate finance decisions relating to fixed assets and capital structure. Decisions are based on several inter-related criteria.

Corporate management seeks to maximize the value of the firm by investing in projects which yield positive returns. These projects must also be financed appropriately, If no such opportunities exist, maximizing shareholder value dictates that management must return excess cash to shareholders via dividends.Browse our partner-sponsored Glasses, with a variety of options to suit every taste and budget, available to buy online

Achieving the goals of corporate finance requires that any corporate investment be financed appropriately. The financing mix can impact the company positively or adversely. We help you identify the “optimal mix” of financing the capital structure that results in maximum value. We help your firm make the right decisions on debt and equity financing. We offer advisory services on working capital management (management of cash flows), risk analysis and risk management.